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Al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch opens complaints department
An Al-Qaeda branch in northern Syria has opened a complaints department in one of the cities it controls. The militant organization apparently aims to show the local residents that it can act as a civilian government.

03.06.2013 11:10

‘Punitive’ trial awaits Manning: ‘US government now wants to put him away for life’
As the US government pushes for a heavy sentence to be handed to Bradley Manning “for revealing US hypocrisy”, it doesn’t stand accountable for the crimes it committed, Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights told RT.

02.06.2013 17:22

Evacuation in Prague, state of emergency as floods grip Czech Republic (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The historical center of Prague is under threat as the worst flood in decades cause chaos, claiming the lives of at least five people. Almost 2,700 people from low-lying areas of Czech Republic were evacuated, schools closed and transportation halted.

02.06.2013 16:47

Syria claims sarin seizure at rebel hideout as Russia blocks UN's Qusair resolution
The Syrian Army has seized two containers with poisonous sarin agent in a rebel hideout, SANA said citing sources. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly blocked the UNSC resolution set to slam Damascus’ offensive on the town of Qusair held by opposition forces.

02.06.2013 07:31

Worldwide protests ahead of Bradley Manning's Monday trial
Demonstrations are taking place all over the world in support of Bradley Manning, the US army private Whistleblower who leaked intelligence to WikiLeaks.

01.06.2013 22:55

Worldwide protests get under way on eve of Bradley Manning trial: LIVE UPDATES
Rallies are planned at dozens of cities all over the world in support of Bradley Manning - the US army intelligence analyst who leaked intelligence to Wikileaks - whose trial begins on Monday.

01.06.2013 16:20

Prisoners held in British Afghan base no different to Gitmo inmates – MP
Preaching to other countries by Britain and the US is ‘hypocritical and hollow’ when Camp Bastion and Guantanamo are in direct breach of international law, Jeremy Corbyn, a Labour, MP told RT.

31.05.2013 19:51

Second strike: Several tornados sweep Oklahoma, 1 repeating fatal EF5 Moore twister route (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Multiple twisters have ripped through Oklahoma City and metropolitan area during rush hour on Friday evening, killing ten people, including 2 children. One tornado repeated the route of the Moore twister which killed 23 just 12 days ago.

01.06.2013 04:47

Judge orders Google to comply with warrantless spy requests
A legal battle between Google and the United States Department of Justice is heating up as the Internet behemoth challenges the Obama administration’s warrantless requests for personal user data.

31.05.2013 16:12

‘Like captured Germans in 1944’: Moscow cops convoy column of illegal immigrants
Citizens of the Moscow suburb of Reutov have witnessed a previously-unseen procession of illegal aliens arrested by police at a local market. There were so many arrested that police had to form them into a column resembling POWs during WWII.

31.05.2013 07:37

NZ cops ordered to return Dotcom materials seized in raid
New Zealand police will have to return any digital material seized during a raid on Megauploads founder Kim Dotcom’s mansion not related to his prosecution, a judge has ruled.

31.05.2013 06:38

Miami cops choke teenager because he gave them a stare
A 14-year-old teenage boy was choked, slammed to the ground and arrested by Miami police officers who claim the teen stared at them in a “dehumanizing” way.

30.05.2013 19:09

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