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'NSA and Obama administration got an F'
The US federal judge's ruling, calling NSA spying unconstitutional, is a game-changer, and even now the US administration doesn't really understand how disgusted most Americans are with the NSA programs and US politicians, columnist Ted Rall told RT.

18.12.2013 14:24

'US to continue its colonial exercise in Afghanistan'
The US will continue to pour money into Afghanistan to prop up its puppet military and government, so as to maintain some kind of dominance in the region, Michael Prysner, Iraq war veteran and member of the anti-war ANSWER Coalition, told RT.

18.12.2013 09:31

NSA's goal is elimination of individual privacy worldwide - Greenwald to EU
The NSA’s ultimate goal is to destroy individual privacy worldwide, working with its UK sidekick GCHQ, journalist Glenn Greenwald warned an EU inquiry, adding that they were far ahead of their rivals in their “ability to destroy privacy.”

18.12.2013 10:05

‘Like the Stasi’: Merkel likened NSA to infamous German security service
Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly compared the NSA to the Stasi after revelations the US spy agency had monitored her communications. Germany claims the NSA cannot be trusted because of the quantity of classified data it allowed Edward Snowden to leak.

18.12.2013 04:55

DNA samples taken at police checkpoint ‘gross abuse of power,’ say PA drivers
A Pennsylvania community is asking questions after a government contractor, with help from the local police, pulled drivers off the road and into a parking lot to ask about their driving and – most notably – pressure them into providing a DNA sample.

18.12.2013 02:41

Colorado regularly imprisons poor offenders unable to pay fines – ACLU
Jails in multiple cities throughout Colorado regularly imprison people who were previously given a fine by a court but are simply too poor to pay it, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union that calls for an end to this practice.

17.12.2013 22:01

Facebook tracks all written messages, posted or not – study
Facebook records everything users type on the social networking site, including notes they choose to delete instead of posting, according to a new study that tracked the habits of nearly four million people.

17.12.2013 20:11

Books and movies about Edward Snowden: Coming soon
Dust off your eyeglasses, actors, and get ready to show talent scouts your best stoic, anti-surveillance state stare: at least three books about National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden are currently in the works, and a movie could come soon after.

17.12.2013 20:45

Multivitamins have no health benefits and could be harmful, researchers claim
Three out of three new doctor studies agree: Multivitamin and mineral supplements are a waste of money.

17.12.2013 17:47

Why are there no charges against the NSA crew: Clapper, Alexander and Obama?
It’s curious how then-President Bill Clinton was impeached and removed from office by the US Congress for just one lie concerning the relatively trivial matter of an extramarital affair – a scandal that didn't concern his official duties.

17.12.2013 13:43

​'Suspension of military aid to Syrian rebels is pure rhetoric'
We cannot under any circumstances dismiss the role of the NATO military alliance, Turkey, the US and Israel in supporting the so-called freedom fighters in Syria, Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, told RT.

17.12.2013 12:30

US to deploy ABM systems in Europe despite P5+1 deal with Iran
The US will deploy its missile defense system in Europe despite progress in Iran nuclear talks, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said. The news came as Russia confirmed the deployment of Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad region, bordering the EU.

17.12.2013 05:10