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Saudi Arabia

Iran refuses to help 'self-serving' US fight ISIS
Iran has refused an offer from the United States to join a global alliance preparing to combat Islamic State militants, according to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

15.09.2014 14:24

​US failure to see Saudi role in 9/11 contributed to rise of ISIS – ex-senator
Failure by the US to investigate Saudi Arabia’s connection to the 9/11 attacks is among the factors that led to the rise of ISIS, Bob Graham, a former senator and co-chairman of the official inquiry into 9/11, told The Independent in an interview.

14.09.2014 12:45

​'Coalition of sovereign governments needed to eliminate ISIS’
The United States has to work with other sovereign nations in a coordinated effort for its project to eliminate ISIS not to fail, Lawrence Freeman, foreign policy journalist, told RT.

11.09.2014 11:05

Saudi Arabia to build fence on border with Iraq
Saudi Arabia has launched the construction of a high-security five-layered fence on the border with Iraq to protect the country from “infiltrators and smugglers,” according to state media.

08.09.2014 05:38

'ISIS threat is not as imminent as Saudi Arabia makes it sound to be'
The King of Saudi Arabia is more interested in having ISIS occupied with fighting the West, because if it gets well established it is going to take over Saudi Arabia, an expert on Muslim studies Mohamed Ghilan told RT’s program In the Now.

02.09.2014 12:39

​Supporting Saudi Arabia is supporting violations of human rights
Has there ever been a more vile and repugnant regime than the gang of bloated potentates that rules Saudi Arabia?

29.08.2014 10:41

Outrage as Saudi Arabia beheads four men in execution
Saudi Arabia has executed two sets of brothers for hashish-smuggling, bringing the number of those suffering capital punishment to 17 in a fortnight. The crackdown has provoked protest from human rights organizations.

19.08.2014 19:54

‘US involvement in Iraq must be part of regional coalition's efforts’
To stop the havoc in Iraq and the whole Middle East, the US and its Western allies must reconsider their entire regional policy and act as part of a coalition of regional state actors, writer and journalist John Wight told RT.

09.08.2014 00:47

US allies cultivated Islamic State. Now IS plans to 'raise flag of Allah in White House'
As the Islamic State tears through minority communities in northern Iraq, the extremist terror group, that owes its ascendance to funding from US allies in the Middle East, sent a message to the White House: We’re coming for you.

08.08.2014 14:12

NSA partnering with Saudi regime ‒ Snowden leak
The National Security Agency has increasingly been working hand-in-glove with the repressive Saudi Arabian government since 2013, sharing intelligence and assisting with surveillance, according to the latest Snowden leak.

25.07.2014 21:52

On the lash: Saudi diplomats escape drink driving charges in UK
Saudi diplomats who have been caught drink-driving in the UK have avoided any charges on the grounds of diplomatic immunity in spite of the severe punishments imposed in their home country, where they could face public lashings or imprisonment.

16.07.2014 11:48

'UK should be more concerned about its citizens’ activities in Syria'
The concern of the UK government and media is misplaced as they should worry about those individuals fighting in Syria rather than potential threats of their coming back home, Massoud Shadjareh, Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told RT.

09.07.2014 06:48

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