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Support of Russia’s national interests key to poll victories - Putin
President Putin has praised the solidarity of Russian citizens and their support of politicians who are ready to defend the national interests in view of various threats.

18.09.2014 07:29

Homecoming: Crimean Tatars speak about living and voting on the peninsula
The biggest question of the Sept. 14 local elections in Russia has been whether Crimean Tatars would vote. This has been the first time Crimea voted as a Russian territory.

14.09.2014 15:24

Russia slams US sanctions, says counter-measures 'won't take long'
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has slammed the latest round of US sanctions over Ukraine as “another hostile move.” Moscow said that this will not change the country’s position, and added that imposing “counter-sanctions will not take long.”

12.09.2014 18:17

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Allies of a New Type
The SCO has become an influential organization and an important factor in the emergence of a new polycentric world order.

12.09.2014 13:58

Putin: New EU sanctions 'odd', Russia will consider safe alternatives, won't harm itself
The latest list of sanctions looks “quite odd” in view of the peace drive including a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said as the EU’s restricting measures came into force Friday.

12.09.2014 13:59

‘Our countries’ – the little slip that revealed so much
It was a little “slip” which tells us so much about how the US views the world.

10.09.2014 13:24

Putin takes control of national Military-Industrial Commission
The Russian President has taken personal control of the body that assures cooperation between the military and the defense industry, days after ordering a major reform of the sector.

10.09.2014 13:13

Putin to discuss Ukraine with Asian allies in Dushanbe
The Russian president is starting his visit to Tajikistan to take part in a major SCO summit, discussing ways to boost cooperation and also the political bloc’s policies regarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

10.09.2014 07:17

Russians say successful international policy is Putin’s major achievement
Vladimir Putin’s most important accomplishments as president are successful foreign policy, the growing military strength, and the general improvement of living conditions in the country, according to the latest opinion poll.

09.09.2014 09:44

​Shifty Australia dumps Russia, embraces India for nuclear deal
Australia has just dumped Russia and embraced India in a uranium export deal that is seen as a shift in diplomacy.

08.09.2014 14:20

Putin: Arctic shelf development ‘major task’ for oil and gas sector
Arctic shelf development is among the major challenges facing the Russian oil and gas sector, according to President Putin, who addressed industry workers on Sunday.

07.09.2014 10:48

​Crisis in Ukraine is ‘all EU’s fault’ – France’s Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, says the EU is to blame for the crisis in Ukraine as it forced the situation where Kiev had to choose between East and West.

06.09.2014 11:07

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