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Nadezhda Kevorkova

  • Syrian guerillas are ‘simple country folk with no clear ideology’ - captive journalist to RT
    The Syrian opposition is made up of young men with little education, brainwashed into fighting President Assad, journalist Ankhar Kocheva told RT. Kochneva spoke about her time as a hostage, describing a ragtag group of men devoid of tangible ideals.
  • Darayya, Syria’s Stalingrad
    Two years of ruthless warfare have transformed rookie soldiers of the Syrian army into battle-thirsty experienced veterans. Quiet confidence has replaced a gloomier outlook as soldiers expect to fight the war to the bitter victorious end.
  • Gaza’s night guard: Stalking with Qassam fighters
    Every night several dozen teams from the military wing of Hamas patrol various parts of the Gaza strip. Founded in 1992, the Izz ad-Din Qassam Brigades made their objective to fight ‘the occupier’ Israel.
  • Hamas will not be dragged into Syrian ‘massacre’ – Deputy FM to RT
    Hamas, known for historically good ties with Damascus, now blames Assad for murdering Syrians. The Hamas Deputy FM told RT the party will only back a democratic solution to the crisis and will not get involved in internal strife.
  • Global powers will keep pouring oil on the fire in Syria - Hezbollah
    There is no compromise on Syria alone – the entire Middle East is at stake and all the world powers have their interests there, Hezbollah’s Ammar Al-Mussawi told RT.
  • Three-time Refugees: Syrian Circassians back to Russia
    Syria’s 18-month war has generated a massive wave of refugees, with some coming to Russia. Many are rediscovering their historic links to their new surroundings and mourning the peace and prosperity they once enjoyed in their former home.
  • Despite internal debate, Israel stands ground on settlements
    Jewish settlements in the West Bank are once again at the center of a political showdown, with Israel's parliament rejecting a bid to legalize them due to pressure from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Aimed at nuclear program, sanctions hit Iran’s nuclear families
    Iran has been under sanctions for 33 years. The most recent round targeted not only oil export, bank transfers and researcher visas, but also food and consumer goods. Young Iranians say the measures are even affecting their chances of tying the knot.
  • Iranians skeptical about Israeli attack threat
    Israel’s possible military operation against Iran is a hot topic in today’s global politics. But when Iranians themselves talk about it, you could think they are speculating about a remote possibility, claiming their country is too tough for Israel.