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Mass media

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum
Sony Pictures Entertainment has compelled social-media site Reddit to thwart file-sharing of stolen data - including unreleased films, executives’ private emails, and insider financial information - gleaned via a major hack of the studio in November.

17.12.2014 15:11

Church of England appoints first female bishop
The Church of England has appointed Libby Lane, a vicar from Greater Manchester, its first female bishop in a historic move only a month after a vote by the church’s ruling body allowed women to become top clerics.

17.12.2014 09:12

Family of John Crawford files wrongful death suit against police, Walmart
The family of John Crawford filed a federal lawsuit claiming Ohio police officers and Walmart were negligent in his death. A grand jury failed to indict the officers involved, but video footage appeared to contradict the police’s version of events.

17.12.2014 01:55

LA porn condom law upheld, similar to G-string mandates for strippers
A Los Angeles law requiring adult film stars to wear condoms is similar to those mandating that erotic dancers wear pasties and G-strings, a federal appeals court ruled, finding that the law did not violate the porn industry’s First Amendment rights.

16.12.2014 22:46

Threatened New York Times journalist ordered to appear in court - report
A federal judge has ordered New York Times reporter James Risen to appear in court to answer questions about his book on CIA efforts to subvert Iran’s nuclear program. Risen has long resisted government threats over his refusal to reveal a book source.

16.12.2014 17:54

The Ultimate Guide to Mainstream Media: American TV Networks (P1)
Navigating the opaque world of mainstream media, it can be easy to get lost in the fray. With that in mind, RT offers part one of its roadmap to the major MSM players to help viewers see the final destination that each has in store for the public.

10.12.2014 14:35

‘EU’s refusal to accept Turkey - obvious racism’
The fact that German and French governments have refused Turkey’s applications to join the EU because they are not white and are Muslim is essentially racism, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

16.12.2014 09:17

‘Taliban seeks media attention, keeping people in fear’
Fear of the Taliban pushes people either to join them or to side with the government and fight them, but civilians mainly tend to join radicals as it is easier to do so, Middle East expert Catherine Shakdam told RT.

16.12.2014 10:45

What do football, Ebola & iPhone 6 have in common? Britain’s most-Googled 2014
The world’s most popular search engine has revealed a list of its most popular UK searches of 2014. Among the top spots for most searched stories are the World Cup in Brazil, Ebola and the iPhone 6.

16.12.2014 11:12

‘Don’t forget me’: Last British Guantanamo detainee issues desperate plea
The last British detainee held at Guantanamo Bay pleaded not to be forgotten in a rare Skype conversation with his family on December 11. Shaker Aamer, who’s at the center of a human rights campaign, has been detained without trial for 13 years.

16.12.2014 09:18

It's official: RT is most watched news network on YouTube with over 2bn views
RT’s five YouTube channels combined have hit the 2 billion views benchmark, strengthening the channel’s role as the leading news provider on the popular video hosting service.

16.12.2014 07:39

Google asks court to put anti-Islam film back on YouTube
Appeals court is reconsidering a decision which ordered YouTube to take down an anti-Islam film clip that sparked violence in the Middle East and led to death threats. The case sparked debates about freedom of speech and censorship.

16.12.2014 03:36