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Thousands demand vote recount in Scottish #indyref
More than 90,000 people have signed an online petition calling for last weeks’ Scottish Independence vote to be recounted, backing accusations that the referendum was marred by vote-rigging.

23.09.2014 11:42

Joseph Gordon-Levitt slated to play Snowden in Oliver Stone film
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly slated to play National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden in an upcoming Oliver Stone-directed movie about last year’s unauthorized disclosure of secret NSA documents.

22.09.2014 18:25

‘F**k it, I quit’ – Alaska TV reporter resigns on air to fight for marijuana legalization (VIDEO)
A former television reporter for an Anchorage, Alaska CBS News affiliate is for once making headlines instead of reading them announcing her resignation Sunday evening by saying live on air: “Fuck it, I quit.”

22.09.2014 16:14

Pro-independence Scots launch new ‘45%’ campaign
Thousands of pro-independence activists, determined to continue their fight for Scottish statehood, have launched a new campaign called ‘the 45 percent’, despite losing Thursday’s referendum.

22.09.2014 10:09

Afghan presidential candidates sign power-sharing deal
Two candidates in the widely disputed Afghan presidential elections, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, have signed a unity deal, officials confirmed. The deal will end long-standing tensions over the election results.

21.09.2014 06:19

​Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press – AP
Uncovering information that should be available to the public has become increasingly difficult under the presidency of Barack Obama, an Associated Press bureau chief says. In some cases, it surpasses the secrecy of the George W. Bush administration.

20.09.2014 01:31

8 reasons why Scots voted ‘No’ to independence
Scottish citizens have voted to stay in the UK, with the ‘No’ camp securing 55 percent of votes against 45 percent for ‘Yes’. Support for independence energized huge swaths of the population. So why did the majority vote ‘No’?

19.09.2014 06:54

GTA-ISIS: Militants hooking youngsters with ‘Jihad video game’ trailer
Islamic State (IS) militants have released a jihadist video game trailer in which the aim is to destroy Iraqi and US forces, Arabic media report. The game, styling itself as a Grand Theft Auto adaptation, appears specifically aimed at young people.

18.09.2014 13:43

Battle of the Titans: Murdoch’s News Corp launches attack on Google
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation lashed out at Google on Thursday, saying the powerful search engine is “willing to exploit its dominant market position to stifle competition.” The allegations come amid an antitrust case against Google in Europe.

18.09.2014 16:28

BBC crew attacked by unidentified people in southern Russia
A BBC crew has been attacked by persons as yet unknown in Astrakhan in southern Russia. Their equipment was damaged and the broadcaster has launched a formal complaint to the Russian authorities.

18.09.2014 09:32

Biggest attack on Website hit by 10 Gbps DDoS has been hit with the most powerful DDoS attack in the website's history, which reached 10 Gbps in strength. No group has claimed responsibility. RT has experienced cyber assaults in the past, prompted by its reporting on Manning and WikiLeaks.

17.09.2014 21:38

ISIS tells Obama 'fighting has just begun,' claims recruiting boost
Islamic State responded in a video to US President Barack Obama’s vow to “ultimately destroy” it, promising to kill any American ground forces deployed. The extremist group has gained recruits since Obama’s declaration, according to observers in Syria.

17.09.2014 14:00

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