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Kristine Frazao

  • ‘US created the monster of China’ – US Congressman
    As America battles a crippled economy and high unemployment, its superpower status seems to be ever more fragile. Meanwhile, China’s economy and military continue to grow at an amazing rate – and some US politicians say America is to blame.
  • CISPA is US ‘cyber-security loophole’
    The readiness of the internet community to self organize for mass protests against censorship and online privacy curtailment has taken US legislators aback, believes Trevor Timm, web freedom activist from the Electronic Frontier foundation.
  • Gitmo 10 years on: So much for closure
    The US's Guantanamo Bay is marking its 10th anniversary, despite Obama’s repeated promises to close the infamous prison. Human rights groups and the inmates themselves are organizing events to mark the occasion and respond to the broken promises.
  • No big surprise: Wall Street rules
    The mainstream media was thrown into a tailspin after an independent trader revealed how the world of big money and politics looks from the inside. But why were Alessio Rastani’s revelations come as such a surprise?
  • US gets Ahmadinejitters again
    Many American politicians and some protestors outside the United Nations in NY are opposed to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad even being present to address the UN General Assembly.
  • “US can afford defense budget cuts” – former Pentagon official
    Capitol Hill's cash may be scarce, but there will be no dipping into what is the world's biggest military budget. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave law-makers a firm ‘hands off’ and said cuts should come from Medicare and social services instead.
  • Evanescent journalism gives way to PR spin doctors
    Recent polls show the number of journalism roles in the US is shrinking, in direct contrast to the expanding public relations industry. As newspapers across the country close, professional journalists are being picked up by the PR machine.
  • A million and one problems for IMF to solve on Lagarde’s watch
    The cash-strapped EU is giving Christine Lagarde much to think about in her first days in charge of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  • Journalists targeted by US forces
    You could say it was the latest batch of shots heard round the world, brought to the world by WikiLeaks. Millions watched in horror as the Apache Pilots with the US Army treated killing as a game.