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Israeli military to discipline intel veterans over public refusal to spy on Palestinians
The Israeli military has threatened disciplinary action against 43 veteran servicemen who signed an open letter refusing to spy on the Palestinians for the IDF’s elite military intelligence Unit 8200.

15.09.2014 00:24

NSA, GCHQ have secret access to German telecom networks – report
US and UK intelligence services have secret access points for German telecom companies’ internal networks, Der Spiegel reports, citing slides created in the NSA’s ‘Treasure Map’ program used to get near-real-time visualization of the global internet.

14.09.2014 00:43

NSA denies whistleblower Snowden ‘raised concerns’ in emails
In response to a Freedom of Information request, the NSA denies that its former NSA contractor-turned whistleblower Edward Snowden ever raised concerns in emails to colleagues to his colleagues over the agency’s surveillance work.

13.09.2014 05:38

‘National security’ follow-up: Turkey’s Erdogan signs law to have users’ browsing history stored for 2 years
The Turkish President has further tightened government control of the internet as he approved a law that lets the country’s telecoms authority block sites as it deems necessary and forces hosting providers to store users’ browsing history for two years.

12.09.2014 19:50

$250K-a-day for NSA PRISM refusal - Yahoo
The US government threatened to fine Yahoo 250k a day for not complying with NSA demands for PRISM data.

12.09.2014 01:56

FBI: Relentless hacking behind ‘unprecedented’ govt-industry collaboration
Every sector of the United States government has likely been hacked at some point, according to the FBI, which has lent to “unprecedented” partnerships with private industry to protect financial interests targeted by “a wide range of cyber adversaries.”

11.09.2014 14:40

‘It’s important to preserve the Internet as an open platform for free expression’
The Internet is a place for communications, free expression and an exchange of information without a heavy-handed corporate thumb and that must be preserved, Internet Slowdown activist Casey Rae said.

11.09.2014 11:12

Password detected? Website checks if you were affected by epic Gmail leak
Although a database with a whopping 5 million Gmail and Yandex passwords had people the world over changing their accounts to protect their privacy, there is now a way to know for sure whether you’ve been affected.

11.09.2014 04:48

Battle for the Net: ‘Neutrality’ is fundamental basis of the Internet
​Battle for the Net, an internet freedom campaign joined by heavyweights of the internet industry, has succeeded in sending millions of public comments to US authorities criticizing the two-tiered internet speed system that threatens net neutrality.

10.09.2014 22:19

Reddit profited off hacked celeb nudes, while charities won’t accept related money
Reddit made enough money off subscriptions to run its servers for a month in the six days the popular web forum linked to the leaked pictures of nude celebrities. But several charities are refusing money Redditors raised “in honor of” the exposed stars.

11.09.2014 01:16

Where the f@#* in the UK do people swear most on Twitter?
Twitter users in North Yorkshire swear the most on social media, with a notable spike in “f-word” profanities at the time people leave work on Monday evenings, according to research for BBC Radio 4.

10.09.2014 11:11

‘Internet to be no longer a place where everyone has a voice and every link is equal’
Consumers and companies will be hurt by FCC plans to roll back Title II protections that means that the Internet will no longer be a wonderful playing field where everyone has a voice, activist Liz McIntyre told RT.

10.09.2014 09:51

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