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Norway’s Magnus Carlsen defends world chess crown in Sochi
The Norwegian wunderkind, Magnus Carlsen, has defended his World Chess Championship title after defeating Vishy Anand of India in 11th game of their match in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.

23.11.2014 05:19

Rising suicide rate for Indian farmers blamed on GMO seeds
Monsanto, which has just paid out $2.4 million to US farmers, settling one of many lawsuits it’s been involved in worldwide, is also facing accusations that its seeds are to blame for a spike in suicides by India farmers.

19.11.2014 06:51

‘Monsanto uses Indian farmers to contaminate world with GMO crops’
By persuading Indian farmers to buy genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds Monsanto spreads its genetically engineered crops around the world so that no one can compete with pure non-GMO products after that, anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, told RT.

19.11.2014 10:30

India quarantines Ebola survivor over virus traces in semen samples
A man who had been cured of Ebola but continued to show traces of virus in his semen upon his arrival in India has been isolated, as authorities are not willing to take a risk of possible sexual transmission within 90 days from clinical cure.

19.11.2014 03:08

​India-US food stockpiling agreement paves way for $1tn WTO deal
Washington has agreed to give India more freedom in subsidizing and stockpiling food to support farmers and feed its 1.25 billion people. The agreement paves the way for another WTO deal expected to add an estimated $1 trillion to the global economy.

13.11.2014 14:27

‘EU may become an increasingly declining part of the world’
The eurozone has huge problems and is holding back the global economy from growing, however the world in general is doing ok, Jim O'Neill, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, told RT.

13.11.2014 12:05

​Eight women die in India after botched govt-sanctioned sterilization
At least eight women have died and 20 others remain in critical condition after undergoing a sterilization procedure at a family planning camp in the state of Chhattisgarh, central India, as part of a government program to curb overpopulation.

11.11.2014 10:25

Putin’s India visit to focus on deeper trade & investment ties
A much-needed boost in Indo-Russian ties may be just around the corner. President Vladimir Putin will visit India next month for a 15th annual bilateral summit, held for the first time with India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi.

09.11.2014 14:50

The TAPI project or the future of Afghanistan
The term the "New Great Game", as a shorthand for the energy rivalry sweeping across Central Asia in the post-Soviet era has been in use for many years. In this respect, the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India gas pipeline (TAPI) appears pivotal.

05.11.2014 12:39

Millions of Shias worldwide celebrate Ashura, events marred by violence (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
A string of bombings and shootings marred the Ashura celebrations across the Muslim world – the main Shia holiday during which believers impassionedly gash their bodies with swords to show their grief for the suffering of Imam Hussein.

04.11.2014 13:37

No kissing! Dozens detained in India as Kiss of Love protest ends in crackdown
A ‘Kiss of Love’ rally in India has been disrupted by police, with dozens detained. Very few managed to carry out the main purpose of the campaign, which was to express their love in public.

03.11.2014 08:45

Taliban suicide attack kills 45 on Pakistan-India border
A suicide bombing near the India-Pakistan border has killed at least 45 people, Pakistani police say. Women and children are amongst the dead following the blast, which took place near the Pakistani city of Lahore. The injury count is currently around 70.

02.11.2014 14:49