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  • ’Darkode’ hacker forum shut down in int'l op,12 charged by US authorities
    US and international law enforcement agencies announced they have shut down Darkode, an international hacker forum used by cyber-criminals, and charged 12 of its members with crimes ranging from fraud and spamming to spreading malicious code.
  • Snowden documentary filmmaker sues US over years of harassment
    Oscar-winning film director Laura Poitras is suing the US government to find out why she has been searched, questioned and subjected to enhanced security screenings over the past six years, being stopped over 90 times during the course of her travels.
  • Son of Boston police captain arrested over suspected terrorist plot
    The estranged son of a Boston police captain was arrested on gun charges by the FBI after he was caught in a sting operation for trying to buy two pistols and two rifles from a confidential informant.
  • FBI claims it thwarted ISIS-inspired July 4 attacks
    FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that US officials were able to stop terrorist attacks that were inspired by the Islamic State and planned for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, though few details were given about the plots.
  • Computer glitch shuts down trading on New York Stock Exchange
    Trading on the New York Stock Exchange floor was halted for nearly four hours. The stoppage shortly after 11:30 a.m. local time Wednesday, with all screens displaying a “No quotation” message, according to eyewitnesses. Trading resumed around 3:10 p.m.
  • FBI chief pushes for encryption ‘back door’ despite tech experts’ opposition
    Encryption is a threat to public safety, the FBI director argued before testifying at a Senate hearing. Crypto experts and the tech industry oppose demands by US officials for “back door” keys to encrypted software as both harmful and impractical.
  • FBI, DEA, US Army bought spyware from hacked Italian company
    Internal documents of the Italian malware maker Hacking Team, leaked online in a hacker attack, show that the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency and the US Army all made use of its controversial spyware known as Remote Control System, or Galileo.
  • Keep out: White House fence gets extra spikes
    The White House is relying on quite a medieval solution to keep intruders away. Contractors have finished bolting rows of metal spikes to the fence around the presidential residency, as Washington is getting prepared for Independence Day.
  • South Carolina church shooter could face federal hate crime charges
    The federal government is considering filing federal hate crime charges against the man suspected of the deadly shooting at a black church in South Carolina. The suspect already faces nine counts of murder and could face the death penalty in state court.