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ISIS-related arrests in US, Europe, Australia as intel warns of ‘gruesome’ attacks
The world is in the midst of a global crackdown on Islamic State and its ideas. European, American and Australian mass arrests were carried out amid frightening intelligence reports, as the US continues efforts at building an anti-IS coalition.

18.09.2014 07:49

Happiest country in the world? Global index may surprise you
When you think of how happy people in a whole country are, what do you take into account? True, country well-being and perception of own happiness depend greatly on the economic situation. But it’s Panama that tops Gallup’s Global Well-being Index.

18.09.2014 08:31

‘Flemish independence: better to become good friends than stay together in a bad marriage’
An independent Flanders with Brussels as its capital will be best for the Flemish people who represent 60 percent of the Belgium population, and provide 80 percent of its economy, Flemish MP Tom van Grieken told RT.

18.09.2014 10:05

‘My son the only Italian’: Mother says her boy solo at school among 65 foreigners
An Italian mother has written to her city’s mayor claiming her son is the only Italian of all 66 children at his nursery school. She added that integration has been reversed, with Italian children scarce among a large group of foreigners.

18.09.2014 07:41

'Independent Veneto can help EU’
The EU would be interested in having independent Veneto because its GDP is higher than Romania’s or Hungary’s, while Italy is going bankrupt, Giovanni Dalla-Valle, an activist for Venetian independence, told RT.

17.09.2014 12:39

The US-EU-Russia sanctions puzzle
Whatever Russia does, doubt does not even enter the equation. The answer is sanctions. So here we go again. The US Treasury-EU latest sanction package targets Russian banking, the energy industry and the defense industry.

17.09.2014 10:25

TTIP: Is the European Commission digging its own grave?
The European Commission’s reputation is abysmal. Technocrats and faceless bureaucrats dominate public perception. Accountability and legitimacy are absent. So why did the Commission reject the latest European Citizens’ Initiative, and dig its own grave?

17.09.2014 09:35

Germany wants Google’s search engine formula
As the European Union continues to pressure Google for concessions in an ongoing antitrust probe, Berlin is now urging the company to do the unthinkable: reveal its secret search engine formula.

17.09.2014 04:07

‘Dope mobile:’ Vatican librarian’s car carrying cocaine, cannabis detained in France
Using an official Vatican car to transport cocaine and cannabis did not help two Italians to avoid justice. Diplomatic plates failed to protect the two smugglers as they were stopped and arrested in France.

16.09.2014 17:07

‘Bankrupt' Ukraine cannot pay for needed reforms to join Europe
“Bankrupt” Ukraine has huge sovereign debt and needs reforms to make its association with Europe feasible, but no one is going to pay for it, Anna van Densky, political commentator from the EU Reporter magazine, told RT.

16.09.2014 16:00

Social injustice index ‘highly explosive’ in Europe – report
The level of social injustice has increased in most EU countries in recent years, and the severe austerity policies haven’t done much to stabilize the situation, according to a new report by the German Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation.

16.09.2014 07:03

Destination – comet: Scientists name site for Rosetta’s historic landing
The European Space Agency (ESA) has unveiled the spot where its comet-chasing Rosetta mission will attempt a perilous landing on a volatile space body, the agency said in a statement on Monday. It is anticipated as the first comet landing in history.

15.09.2014 15:33

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