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‘Sanctions are US weapon against self-determined countries’
Washington uses sanctions to punish and isolate any nation that dares stand up against America’s interest, Daniel Shaw of the Answer Coalition told RT following US President Barack Obama signing a decree that allows imposing further penalties on Russia.

22.12.2014 12:41

Greece: Strangled by the euro-noose
Like a leveraged Sisyphus, the Greek economy finds itself unable to push up the hill. The increasingly toxic euro effect is precluding the chances of a meaningful Greek rebound from its great depression.

22.12.2014 16:01

‘Minister of darkness’ berated as 500,000 UK streetlamps switched off
Almost 25 percent of England’s streetlights have been dimmed or switched off since 2010 as local councils under government minister Eric Pickles, dubbed the “Minister for Darkness,” have been pressured into carrying out crippling spending cuts.

22.12.2014 12:59

$300,000 in gold missing from Ukraine Central Bank after swapped for lead bricks
Cunning fraudsters have conned the Ukraine Central Bank branch in Odessa into buying $300,000 worth of gold which turned out to be lead daubed with gold paint.

22.12.2014 13:05

‘West shoots itself in the foot with Russian sanctions’
The Russian economy cannot be fully excluded from the global monetary system, attempts to do so along with imposing more sanctions, will lead to a further fall in the ruble and a financial crisis similar to 2008, economic analyst Michael Mross told RT.

22.12.2014 07:44

China pledges to help Russia overcome economic hardships
China’s foreign minister has pledged support to Russia as it faces an economic downturn due to sanctions and a drop in oil prices. Boosting trade in yuan is a solution proposed by Beijing’s commerce minister.

22.12.2014 06:16

Slumping Russian ruble threatens German economy – top exec
German companies doing business with Russia are suffering from the weak ruble, as one in three companies will have to fire employees or cancel its projects, the managing director of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce warned.

21.12.2014 11:18

Porsches sold out: Luxury cars go like hotcakes in Russia amid ruble plunge
Car dealers in the Russian capital ran out of stock, as customers were buying Porsches, Lamborghinis and BMWs in unusually large numbers, despite growing price tags. The influx was prompted both by holiday spirits and ruble devaluation, experts say.

20.12.2014 13:10

​Abortion debate in Ireland re-ignited as clinically dead pregnant woman kept on life support
Irish health authorities sought legal counsel Thursday night about whether a clinically dead pregnant woman, who had suffered catastrophic brain damage, should be kept on a life support machine to save her unborn baby.

19.12.2014 12:58

​Being gay in the UK could affect your pay, study suggests
How much you are paid in the UK is not merely defined by the gender pay gap. It could also be based on your sexual orientation.

19.12.2014 16:25

Russians abandon London real estate as recession looms over Moscow
Russia’s economic crash, driven by the plunging price of oil and tough Western sanctions, is prompting well-off Russian investors to abandon London’s property market. Money from super-wealthy Russian oligarchs, however, continues to flow into Britain.

19.12.2014 09:20

‘Putin keeps ace up his sleeve to surprise market’
President Putin has not disclosed his future strategic plans during the annual Q&A since to surprise international markets one should always have an ace up the sleeve, French economist Jacque Sapir told RT.

18.12.2014 13:29