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After 8 days of work, historically unproductive, unpopular Congress goes home to campaign
After voting to fund military action against Islamic State, Congress just couldn’t take anymore. The US House announced Thursday an early end to an already shortened fall session so lawmakers could do what they value most: campaign for reelection.

19.09.2014 15:59

Biden accused of anti-Semitism after Shylock comment
US Vice President Joe Biden has drawn criticism from a top Jewish group for calling bankers who have preyed on service members deployed overseas as “Shylocks,” a term often condemned as an anti-Semitic stereotype.

17.09.2014 15:07

‘Absurd’ to see political motives in Yevtushenkov case – Kremlin
There are no political motives in the case of businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov, says the Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

17.09.2014 11:09

DC cop under fire for harassing man filming arrest
The Police Chief in Washington, DC, is speaking out against one of her officers and in support of a man who stopped to record police arresting a man on a sidewalk only to be harassed by police and suspected of involvement in a crime for doing so.

13.09.2014 01:44

MPs investigate police failure in Rotherham child abuse scandal
The police chief at the center of the Rotherham child abuse scandal has admitted to MPs that he had “singularly failed” victims and that he had “no idea what was going on” during his time leading South Yorkshire Police.

10.09.2014 09:23

Ron Paul: Imperial presidency, abuse of presidential powers have grown since Nixon
In his weekly column, Dr. Ron Paul blasted the Obama and George W. Bush administrations for taking the ‘imperial presidency’ ‒ which was supposed to end after President Richard Nixon resigned ‒ far further than the disgraced politician ever did.

08.09.2014 17:32

Arms firms implicated in illegal US drone strikes ‘bought influence’ at NATO summit – Reprieve UK
Arms firms that provide core military components for drones deployed by the US to conduct covert strikes in violation of international law bought access to NATO’s summit in Wales last week, a British human rights charity says.

08.09.2014 12:27

Leftist party may expel MP over ‘anti-Russian activities’
The Fair Russia party is looking to change Russian parliamentary law to strip their member, Ilya Ponomaryov, of State Duma mandate as the lawmaker’s activities allegedly harm the national interests.

08.09.2014 13:16

Poor management of £40bn in outsourced contracts exposes UK govt to fraud
Inadequate management of outsourced public contracts worth £40bn has left the UK government vulnerable to widespread fraud and overcharging, according to research conducted by official government auditors.

08.09.2014 09:57

Egypt’s deposed Morsi charged with leaking state secrets to Qatar
Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is facing fresh charges of handing over state secrets to Qatar. Morsi, the deposed leader of the banned Muslim Brotherhood party, is currently in jail under investigation over inciting violence.

06.09.2014 14:04

​Canadian beekeepers’ sting: Pesticide giants sued for $450mn over bee deaths
Canadian honey producers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Bayer and Syngenta to recover losses dating as far back as 2006, claiming that neonicotinoids they produce and sell are killing bees and cause massive material damage.

04.09.2014 13:25

DOJ to open investigation of Ferguson Police Department
The US Department of Justice will open a probe into the Ferguson Police Department over the August shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white cop, according to federal law enforcement.

04.09.2014 09:27

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