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#LondonToFerguson: Protests at London US embassy
Protesters are gathering outside London's US embassy to protest a court verdict clearing officer Darren Wilson of murdering black teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson. Relatives of Mark Duggan, shot by police in 2011, sparking riots, will attend the vigil.

26.11.2014 15:48

‘Ferguson and untold story of depression’
The Ferguson riots are a confluence of circumstances, including the ghastly economics of the African American community that are driving rage into the open and triggering a larger movement in the US, Eric Dreister, geopolitical analyst, told RT.

26.11.2014 04:00

#LondonToFerguson: Solidarity vigil at London US embassy targets police racism
A vigil for teenager Mike Brown, shot dead by a policeman in Ferguson this year, will take place Wednesday outside the US embassy in London. Rights groups called the ‘emergency’ protest against a court verdict clearing Officer Darren Wilson of murder.

26.11.2014 08:58

‘Calmer night’ in Ferguson: 44 arrests, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, cop car torched
Police in Ferguson used tear gas against crowds who set a squad car on fire and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement during a second night of unrest. More than 2,000 National Guard troops are at the ready in the area.

26.11.2014 04:51

'Just trying to do our jobs': Ruptly journalist arrested for covering Ferguson unrest
A producer from RT’s Ruptly video agency was detained in Ferguson simply for reporting on the protests. Denise Reese, who was kept for around five hours before finally being released, said, “I was arrested without any warning.”

26.11.2014 08:36

Night of fierce riots: Ferguson madness as witnessed by RT news team (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The Missouri grand jury’s decision to acquit police officer Darren Wilson, who was accused of killing teenager Michael Brown, caused a wave of wild protests. RT has been covering the fallout, with one of its producers becoming injured in Ferguson.

25.11.2014 17:59

Feds to continue Ferguson investigations despite grand jury decision
Two federal investigations into the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri continue despite the Monday announcement of a St. Louis County grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown’s murder.

25.11.2014 15:07

‘Ferguson riots – frustration at injustice’
The Ferguson protesters are making it clear that they can no longer take it that the police can murder innocent people and get away with it, political analyst Caleb Maupin told RT. Violent clashes will only escalate unless authorities address the problem.

25.11.2014 14:29

‘Racial animosity in US not over’
With the US having a black president many thought the big racial divide was over, but that is not the case as many underlying issues are still bubbling under the surface, Josh Pasek from the University of Michigan told RT.

25.11.2014 12:15

Home Secretary sees PM as ‘incompetent’, report alleges
UK Home Secretary Theresa May could have her eye on the leadership of the Conservative Party, following polls suggesting she is now the most popular politician in her party.

25.11.2014 12:21

RT video agency Ruptly producer injured in Ferguson protests
A producer for the RT video news agency, Ruptly, Lorena de la Cuesta, has been hit by a tear gas canister during the latest Ferguson protests.

25.11.2014 13:14

‘US Defense Secretaries come and go - war machine continues to roll on’
Regardless who is the US Secretary of Defense, there will always be Washington’s basic policy strategy around the desire to control the whole map and use the military to shape the entire world, anti-war activist Eugene Puryear, told RT.

25.11.2014 08:30