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Freak cricket fatality: 25yo Aussie athlete dies after being hit by ball
Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes has died in hospital three days before his 26th birthday. He never regained consciousness after a bouncer – a short-pitched, high-finishing delivery - struck him on the back of head during a Tuesday match in Sydney.

27.11.2014 09:24

Drone near-misses with piloted aircraft surge in US airspace – watchdog
Pilots and air-traffic controllers have reported a sharp rise in near-collisions with drones in the past six months, the Washington Post reports, citing Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) records.

27.11.2014 01:58

Inside fireball: Close-up footage from the Antares Rocket explosion (VIDEOS)
Video footage from a rocket crash in Virginia a month ago has only just come to light, giving some spectacular close-up shots of the explosion. There were recordings from different angles to capture the moment the $200 million rocket went up in flames.

26.11.2014 13:49

Immigration fraudster tries eating fake passport during citizenship test
A man, reportedly paid £300 to sit a UK citizenship test on behalf of someone else, has been jailed after it was discovered the passport he used to sit the test was a fake. Apparently, the man attempted to eat the passport when it was examined by police.

26.11.2014 13:09

‘Ferguson and untold story of depression’
The Ferguson riots are a confluence of circumstances, including the ghastly economics of the African American community that are driving rage into the open and triggering a larger movement in the US, Eric Dreister, geopolitical analyst, told RT.

26.11.2014 04:00

€300k down the tube: Thieves tunnel into Cologne jewelry store
An unusual robbery has occurred in the German city of Cologne. A local jeweler opened his shop on Monday to discover a €300,000 diamond display gone – with a freshly-dug tunnel into his store from the basement of the shopping complex.

25.11.2014 09:34

Freeze-frame: Hacker attack halts Sony Pictures’ work for up to 3 weeks
Sony Pictures Entertainment warns employees to abstain from connecting to corporate networks, Wi-Fi or email after the studio was reportedly attacked by hackers threatening to reveal company “secrets.”

25.11.2014 05:37

Building collapses in Kansas City after stolen SUV slams into it (VIDEO)
A woman led police on a high-speed chase through Kansas City, Missouri that ended when she lost control of a stolen SUV and crashed into a building, causing it to partially collapse on her and the antique vehicles housed inside.

24.11.2014 20:05

Arming for Ferguson post-verdict turmoil, woman fatally shoots self
With tensions rising in Ferguson, a woman accidentally shot herself with a gun she had bought to protect herself in the event of unrest following the upcoming verdict in the case of Michael Brown, the black teen killed by a white officer.

24.11.2014 10:50

500 dead sea lions found on Peru beach
About 500 decomposing remains of sea lions have been found off a beach in Peru. The cause of the mass deaths is not yet clear, however, the local governor blames marine farmers and fishermen in poisoning the animals.

24.11.2014 05:56

2 people rescued from rubble of collapsed building in Chicago (PHOTOS)
An apartment building has “completely” collapsed in the Washington Park neighbourhood of Chicago after a reported explosion, trapping people under the debris. Fire Department crews believe they rescued the only two victims, but continue their search.

24.11.2014 02:01

​Western New York braces for flooding after record snowstorm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
After a huge snowstorm struck the state of New York covering it with up to 2 meters of snow it took emergency services several days to clear the mess. Now authorities fear the melting snow could cause major flooding in the area.

24.11.2014 01:17