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  • Tony Hale on his Emmy Noms, Veep, and Arrested Development’s Return
    Tony Hale is flying high. The Emmy winner chats with Larry about his third consecutive nomination for the award, which real-life politician Selina Meyer resembles, and whether Arrested Development is getting the green light for a fifth season.
  • RT America -- September 2, 2015
    NYPD forced illegal arrest quotas on minority officers - lawsuit At least a dozen black and Latino police officers are suing the NYPD for forcing cops to carry out illegal quotas against their own minority community. Egor Piskunov reports on the...
  • RT News - September 02, 2015 (17:00 MSK)
    British Prime Minister David Cameron U-turns on the conflict in Syria, with refugees pouring into Europe; An attack on a refugee shelter in Germany leaves forty injured, including children; Ecuador's elaborate fancy dress plans to smuggle...
  • ​Battling ISIS, Snowden’s War on Surveillance and Double the Maths (E223)
    Afshin goes underground with Middle East expert Sami Ramadani to ask just how genuine our so-called war on terror really is. And, Edward Snowden’s lawyer, Jesselyn Radack, tells us why he’s safest in Russia. Plus we do the maths on why...