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Europe's neo-Nazi revival worries Russia - Lavrov

26.01.2012 14:10

With economic turmoil and extreme-right political parties on the rise, Moscow has expressed its concern that factions inside of some European countries are attempting to revive and glorify the Nazi ideology.

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卐GreyWolfe#WRϟϟ 29.06.2014 17:47

Europa is awakening!


Norman London 27.04.2014 16:00

When swastikas get sprayed on gravestones,the question you have to ask is: "who gains?".
It certainly isn't those white people who are trying to stop our countries being colonised,which suggests some other people are doing it.
The phenomenon of the "race hoax" in America is well documented by the vdare website.


Terence Sommer 27.04.2014 09:40

Francis Levy, oh my, the ones doing this were perhaps north african and not French, but lets still beat up the white man, shall we?


Leon Redbone 27.04.2014 07:32

Brian Nadeau 24.04.2014 23:59

Why should patriots be outlawed and foreigners worshipped in European countries?


don't worry, your part of a rapidly dying breed of genetically inferior half-wits....your a pon for demons, and when they are done using your body as conduit for ignorance and black tar, it will be singed from the inside, adn they will have taken all your family and wealth. You'll see chump.


daniel 19.03.2014 22:34

thats right but russian should not forget that they were allies of Hitler. In 1939 together with Hitler they invaded Poland occupying eastern Poland and killing over 20 000 polish soldiers in Katyn and hundreds of thousands sending to Siberia. and among this 20 mln people a lot was killed by Stalin itself


Freesaxon 16.03.2014 19:05

In Britain brainwashing starts in the cradle, and goes through ALL `education' and its soooooo one sided.

Hist ory GCSE ( here in Britain ) is mainly stuck in WW2
However ...Stalin killed more people than hitler.
Russia: the jewish Bolsheviks murdered 66 million
Christian Russians
As Anonymous user 16.06.2013 posted.
( as

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 23:58

no decent person would disrespect the dead jew or not .but Israel is the most evil state today .

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 20:49

Stalin killed more of his own people than hitler.

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 17:55

In fairness, Russia knows all of this and is just playing the PC game with the jewish West. For now.

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 16:33

Russia: the jewish Bolsheviks murdered 66 million Christian Russians. Don't you care about that?

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 11:57

The key here is 'harm to British Empire' (Britain, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, New Guinea, etc)


CJ Moss 16.03.2013 15:42

If you are trying to understand my message from your atheist jew-bolshevik world view, it will never happen.

Tak e what you wrote above as an example. Those familiar with the Bible, know that Jesus Christ spoke in parables intentionally so not all people would understand... why ?... because only God's People were meant to understand.

Atossa, you said it very well. You understand who are the edomites and that the bible is written to and for a certain group of people. We are 12 tribes, the jew/edomites only 1 and certainly not one of the 12.

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