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Will Turkey become the new Pakistan?

21.02.2014 12:03

As Turkey is now slowly approaching the first centenary of the Republic's foundation on 29 October 1923, some critics appear to fear that the country has assumed an outlook most incongruous with the legacy of Atatürk.

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Tahir Javed 24.02.2014 07:29

The author is an idiot!


mergon 23.02.2014 18:24

yes if they got some corner shops going


Ted Jenkins 23.02.2014 14:36

The article is over-pessimistic. This Islamic revival is understandable as an attempt by Muslims to recover some self-esteem lost during their humiliating defeats by the out-numbered Israelis. If the US has the common-sense to restrain this small, vulnerable Israel and create a viable Palestine, Islamism will melt away because of the advantages of a secular life-style.


The Elderking 23.02.2014 11:58

Turkey is on a downward spiral into backwardness.

A political elite that is willingly reverting to Islamism and that cannot even admit the genocides against the Armenians, Pontic & other Ottoman Greeks, Assyrians is beyond the Pale.

Its support for Sunni terrorists and the massacres of Christians in Syria is deeply concerning as is the violence meted out to Turkish protesters at home.

The West has a major problem here - unfortunately the West has a strange habit of backing the wrong people - Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt, Terrorists in Syria etc.

The Turkish Army will need to save the day - as in Egypt.


Amadio 23.02.2014 11:00

Chico, why Turks needs need four AWACS? it's simple:
It's on gentle request by the Great Satan


scalpel 23.02.2014 06:22

yes, turkey will become the new pakistan just because of people like the author himself and the names appearing ( ie hayrettin karaman, taha özhan) in the article. it was really waste of time reading this rubbish article that only tells lies.


Muhammad Ali 23.02.2014 04:06

Sharia is the most misunderstood topic amongst non-muslims and even amongst muslims. It is not about just cutting hands, its way more than that. For example you can not cut a thief's hand if he steals for food or basic need as u can imply these punishments only when the state is providing the basic necessaries to its people and after that if some one steal for luxury than this is valid. I cant say Saudia is islamic state but they have in bits and piece of sharia and look at the stats and compare its crime rates per capita. Such as USA is most advance in all kind of sciences n it get a Rape registered Avg every second.


Muhammad Ali 23.02.2014 03:57

Well West fail to comprehend that what works well for one is not compulsory to work for other like chinese political system is still democratic but different to west and lol even west don't like it but due to chinese strong figure they can not do any thing about it but it works for them iranian model is different its closed to islamic democracy not 100% but it works for them. Well westt gave right to vote to womens about 100 year ago but guess what islamic model 1400 year ago was based on democracy and womens had right than.


Misam Ali 23.02.2014 02:57

W Westphal 22.02.2014 21:37

Sharia Law is the most anti-freedom idea since Communism. They don't even allow women to wear tank tops.


Shariah laws are well intentioned laws. Only those framing the laws are, sometimes, incapable of doing so ( some dumb 'clerics' think they know too much).

On the other hand, many a times, Corporatocractic laws are enacted and modified for selfish purposes (mainly taxation related).


W Westphal 22.02.2014 21:37

Sharia Law is the most anti-freedom idea since Communism. They don't even allow women to wear tank tops.


Kim 22.02.2014 16:08

Gentleman Fox 21.02.2014 16:30

Turkey was better off in the Ottoman days. There was freedom of religion and it's this tolerance that made the country such a vast metropolis for trade and what not.


No t sure the Armenians would agree here about the freedom of religion and "tolerance" ; of the Ottoman Turks.


Peter Anderson 22.02.2014 15:07

The reason why is the incredible story of Atatürk is now starting to look like just that, a story. Many people in the Muslim world are starting think that Atatürk was a front to break up the Ottoman Empire and secularise it.


dummy 22.02.2014 14:59

Completely false statements and even the graphics used in the article. I just made a little research about the author and it comes out he is writer at Today’s Zaman which is the part of Gulen Movement. Until the last year, Gulen Movement was the biggest supporter of Erdogan and all Today's Zaman writers wrote great articles supporting the ruling party and Erdogan. Then some interest conflicts started between these two groups and the same writers have started to write the bad things against these people. This article is one of the samples of new Gulen's movement tactic.

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