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​Tayyip's Praetorian Guard or the new Turkish surveillance state

27.02.2014 12:28

Turkey is closer than ever to not just replicate the exploits of America's National Security Agency, but also to actively participate in President Obama's war on whistleblowers.

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Peter Jennings 02.03.2014 17:12

Aren't the Turkish people sick of this puppet yet? he is storing up future trouble for the people of Turkey as he helps nato/us attack all your neighbours.


jerry tarnacia 28.02.2014 03:40

To answer the question: Turkey will be what the USA wants it to be. That is what Turkey can expect and the rest of the world can count on, WATCH!


Alex 27.02.2014 14:44

Turkey is drifting to inner and outer turmoils soon also. US and EU supported radical İslamist government threatening regional peace especially in Syria. Turkey's Super corrupted Erdogan government processing by Western countries with blackmail methods.Nowadays he is building a super fascist İslamist country with dozens of incredible bills which passed from the parliament.

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