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Christopher Busby

Christopher Busby is an expert on the health effects of ionizing radiation. He qualified in Chemical Physics at the Universities of London and Kent, and worked on the molecular physical chemistry of living cells for the Wellcome Foundation. Professor Busby is the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk based in Brussels and has edited many of its publications since its founding in 1998. He has held a number of honorary University positions, including Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health of the University of Ulster and is currently Guest Researcher at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. In his book Wings of Death (1995) he argued that the radiation risk models employed by national governments were unsafe for internal radionuclide exposures like those from Uranium weapons and Strontium-90, and he showed that the global cancer epidemic which began in 1980 was a consequence of the atmospheric nuclear tests of the 1960s. He followed this in 2007 with Wolves of Water, which examined cancer and radiological pollution of the Irish Sea, work funded by the Irish State. He has made several epidemiological studies of radiation effects, most recently in Fallujah, Iraq. Busby currently lives in Riga, Latvia. See also:, and