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Plastic surgery liposuction app for 9-year-olds pulled after Twitter outrage

15.01.2014 12:14

Apple has withdrawn an iPhone app instructing its users to perform plastic surgery on an “unfortunate” image of a Barbie doll to make her “slim and beautiful.” The app, marketed at children as young as nine, sparked outrage on Twitter.

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brandon 16.01.2014 02:09

We suck...


Francisco Nunez-Perez 16.01.2014 00:37

That is funny, lol.


Peter Jennings 15.01.2014 23:06

Apple, you should be ashamed of yourself. You certainly have lost your way.

As an aside, does your iphone keep going off at all times of the day and you can't seem to stop it? If it does, better cut down on the apps you are installing as these are sending info from your phone back to source.

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